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White, Graham, Buckley & Carr, L.L.C. is proud our ability to provide high-quality legal assistance to our clients. Read on for some testimonials from recent clients.

(about Bryan & Gene)

By Pam M.

I had a consultation with Gene Graham after a referral from a friend.  He spoke with me for quite some time about my options for a case I was involved with.  He was very detailed about my options, as I have never been in a situation like this before.  I also worked with Bryan White over the past year, and he was in constant communication with me advising me of what they thought my best course of action would be.  They never tried to sway me in one direction or another, however, they gave me advice, and how to proceed in the best and fastest way to get the case resolved.  Their support staff was also extremely professional, always followed up with paperwork that needed to be signed, and contacted me with other issues.  I enjoyed getting to know Bryan and Gene, and would highly recommend their group. 

(about Steve)

By Donna B.

Our family can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us.  Your professionalism and vast experience, combined with your compassion, was exactly what we needed. You skillfully wove together and executed a very compelling case for us. Thank you, Steve, for always going the extra mile and making such a difference in our lives.

(about Bob)


“You’re the greatest lawyer there ever was and even better person.  Thank you.”


(about Gene)

Phil W.:

“When your life’s work is lost, the professional required to regain it must become a personal advocate fighting beside you with the same passion, frustration, energy, and unrelenting will to succeed.  Gene Graham was my equalizer, dedicating over six years to my unprecedented victory.”


(about Steve)

Steve S.:

“I consider myself lucky to have chosen WAGB to represent me in a case involving a local auto accident case in the KCMO area. After an auto accident, medical and therapy bills were piling up and I was receiving very little attention from the other driver’s insurance. I called the office of WAGB and made an appointment with Steve White. From the moment I stepped into their office I felt at ease. Mr. White took my case and handled everything from there on. His communication with me during the whole process exceeded my expectation and I felt my case was in very good hands. My case was finally mediated and Steve was at my side the whole time. I will highly recommend the law office of WAGB to my friends and others in need of legal representation.”


(about steve)

Ann R.:

"Following my accident, I spent many, many frustrating hours trying to deal with my insurance company before turning to the law firm of WABG and Steve White.  A huge burden was lifted as they took over my case; every aspect was handled in the most professional, competent manner.  I couldn't recommend them more highly."


Injury – Daycare:

Confidential Settlement:   A child sustained injury in the form of bruising while in daycare.  Investigation revealed that the daycare employee had used inappropriate techniques to force the child to nap during the rest period.  The actions of the daycare employee resulted in bruising and emotional distress to the child.


Pregnancy Discrimination.

Confidential Settlement.  A pregnant employee was subjected to discriminatory and harassing comments during the term of her pregnancy.  She was told that she would be terminated after giving birth because she had not been employed long enough to be eligible for FMLA.  The employee’s supervisor began to criticize the employee’s work and attempted to subject the employee to write-ups and discipline.  While the employer did have its own internal leave policy the employee was not encouraged to apply for the leave.  The employee was ultimately forced to resign to remove herself from the discriminatory environment.



“After having been injured in a car accident by a drunk driver and not knowing who call for help, a coworker who is an attorney referred me to White, Allinder, Graham, Buckley & Carr. I was put in touch with Steven White while in the hospital and he helped walk me through what I needed to do. After my first visit I felt comfortable that this guy knows his stuff and throughout my case, without hesitation, answered all my questions and explained the process in detail with the good and the bad. I’ve heard stories about attorneys that never get back with their clients but not so with Mr. White. Whether through email or phone, when I had a question Mr. White was there with a response.  I believe without a doubt that having an attorney with the skills and history of success in the court room gave me a fair settlement in my case. Steve, along with the entire law firm displayed reputable knowledge, honesty and professionalism. If you’re ever unfortunate to be in a bad accident, you need a good attorney, and I would highly recommending you stop by the office of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr soon after.

Rick A. of Kansas City, MO

A family friend who is an attorney referred us to Bill Carr. Upon meeting Bill, we felt very comfortable and confident in his abilities to handle our case. He is knowledgeable and experienced and he handled our case professionally. He was able to get us a fair settlement and put to rest something that for us, was long overdue. What we have enjoyed most has been getting to know Bill as a person. He has high morals, is honest and caring. We are privileged to have him as our attorney and also to call him our friend.

Thank you.

Jon and Erin D. of Richmond, MO

Mr. Buckley:  I want to thank you for everything you did for my mom and dad.  You took their case when others didn’t seem to care.  The first day we came to see you, I thought that I would only be giving my parents advice on how to deal with the situation that was down to the wire.  Much to my surprise and relief, you had already done some research on it and decided to accept the case.  For all of us, it was the world being lifted off of our shoulders.  This could not have been accomplished without you.  I know that I speak for everyone in our family when I say thank you so much for your kindness and patience.  Business is business, but we will always have kind and fond thoughts of you.


Thanks so much for all you have done.  I have never had a pleasant experience with an attorney before.  You are one of a kind—thoughtful, caring and considerate.  I will never have to look for an attorney again and wonder what kind of person I am going to get, because I have you. 


To Bob Buckley:  Just a note to express our deep appreciation for all that you did for us.  We believe that you did an excellent job in court and we appreciate all the extra effort that you exerted on our behalf.  We feel that you are an excellent attorney and a person of very high principles and are thankful for the opportunity to have become acquainted with you. 

Larry and Janice M.

I was injured on a pleasure trip to Kansas City several years ago. I contacted an attorney in Oklahoma City who then referred me to the law firm of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr. Bill Carr took over my case.

I have worked in the legal field for over 40 years and I have never met or worked with an attorney as reputable, knowledgeable, honest, and caring as Bill. Upon meeting Bill, it was quite evident why he has such a stellar reputation. He kept me updated on a regular basis and always explained things in a manner in which I could understand. Bill is not just my attorney; he is my friend and I feel very fortunate to have him as both.

Joanne C. of Oklahoma City, OK

My experience with attorney Bill Carr and his staff is one I will never forget. They always took time to talk and, more importantly, listen to me and ultimately got me a fair settlement.

The most important thing to me during the entire process was that I knew I had an attorney that was honest and always conducted himself with high morals and integrity and you don't find that very often anymore. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know.

Thanks for everything!

Dawn Miers of Columbus, Ohio 

I recently received a million-dollar verdict award after being injured in a motorcycle crash in Missouri. We brought suit because of negligent acts committed by a state agency and a national company. This amount exceeded expectations and would not have been possible without the professional assistance and personal persistence of Bill Carr, and the entire staff of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr.

I cannot recommend Bill Carr highly enough to prospective clients. He is brilliant and perceptive, persistent, personable, and wholly committed to his clients' well being. It is impossible to imagine having more capable and competent legal representation than that provided by Bill and the law firm of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr. I regard myself as being fortunate beyond measure to have benefited from his counsel, commitment, and compassion...and, ultimately, his friendship. He is a gem of inestimable worth, richly valued and deeply treasured by all who know him. I recommend Bill Carr without reservation to any client seeking legal representation by the best of the best.

David Harlan of Divide, Colorado

On the way home after the trial, we thought about all that had transpired and wondered how we would ever be able to thank you properly. We know your firm was just "doing your job," but we also know that you go way beyond that. You give so much of yourself and from the beginning made us believe that not only would you fight for us, but more than that, that you cared about us. We weren’t just a case. Your sincerity about wanting to help us and your dedication are more than admirable. Thank you so much.

Jean Anne and Rick Hansen of Odessa, Missouri

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