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When choosing a nursing home facility for our loved ones we take great care in searching for just the right one for their senior care. We expect these nursing home facilities to always provide a secure, nurturing and safe environment for senior loved ones. Many nursing home facilities in Missouri unfortunately are ill managed, understaffed and overworked which results in dangerous environments for the elderly tenants of these facilities. Inadequate management, supervision and the lack of proper training in Missouri nursing home facilities have many times led to avoidable catastrophic injuries and even fatal accidents that could have been avoided or prevented.

If a loved one that is in a nursing home facility has suffered a severe injury or has died from the result of abuse, neglect or misconduct on the part of the nursing home facility staff, our injury attorneys can help you take steps to ensure your loved one's safety and also get your loved one and your family financial compensation. Our experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys can also go through an extensive investigation into the facts of the case to find out what exactly happened and who should be held responsible for your family member or loved one's injury or passing.


Proving Fault in Nursing Home Abuse Cases Throughout Kansas City, Missouri

It can be very challenging when investigating an abuse and neglect case and attempting to prove fault towards negligent nursing home facilities and their staff. In many claims the witnesses to the abuse or neglect are other residents of the facility that may be incapable of communicating the series of events that took place or unable to remember what exactly occurred.


Our experienced nursing home negligence and elderly abuse attorneys extensively know and understand the local, federal and state regulations that these facilities are required by law to follow. These regulations are put in place to protect seniors at nursing home facilities and assisted living centers in Missouri and across the nation. In many cases our attorneys will subpoena the nursing home facilities staff time cards and other relevant information to determine if the nursing home was properly staffed at appropriate levels on a regular basis.

The attorneys at White, Graham, Buckley & Carr. allow the families and the victims of elderly abuse and nursing home negligence in the Kansas City area to have a powerful voice when seeking justice and compensation for their injuries. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined litigation experience and have helped many victims and their families who have suffered from nursing home abuse. In many cases we have been successfully able to determine and prove fault when the facts and causes of the injuries where skewed or misrepresented.

Our attorneys are ready to get justice and compensation for your senior loved one and family. Contact our law office to schedule a free consultation with our experienced nursing home negligence attorneys and able to meet with you at your residence or another desired location if that is needed. White, Graham, Buckley & Carr LLC, 816-373-9080


In some cases our attorneys will evaluate the seniors living conditions at the facility to help determine if any health and safety provisions were neglected or not in place. In the course of our investigation we may interview the family members of other residents of the facility and former staff members to further substantiate the injury claims against the nursing home facility. Our attorneys will seek to accumulate as many facts about the claim to prove fault in every case of nursing home abuse we litigate. Many of these claims include injury cases from these senior facilities that involve:

Common nursing home facility injuries or circumstances that threaten the well being of the senior residents that live in these facilities include

  • Bed sores (this injury can cause infections that are life-threatening)
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medication errors (over or under prescription doses, wrong medication and failure to administer medication)
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Failure of the nursing home staff to make proper assessments for the risk of falls, elopement and other issues
  • Physical assault or sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • These injuries often occur from situations such as:

    • The hiring of unqualified facility staff
    • Understaffing at the facility
    • Lack of proper staff training

    Our injury attorneys will use their years of personal injury litigation experience and resources to help you seek justice for your injured loved one. Our law firm is very accomplished in cases of nursing home abuse, proving who is at fault and acquiring fair financial compensation for financial expenses and emotional distress that was caused by a nursing home facilities negligence and our attorneys know that no form of compensation in this case can erase the damage caused to your family member or loved one.

  • Our Law Firm Handles Nursing Home Negligence Claims on a Contingency Basis

    When our law firm represents you and your family in your nursing home abuse case our legal fees are on a contingency basis which means that if there is no recovered compensation for the injuries that were caused to your family member or loved one you will owe our law firm no legal fees or any expenses.

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    Frequently asked questions about nursing home abuse.

    If you have a question that is not listed below or your is not answered to your satisfactory, contact us and we will gladly get you the answers or information you need.




    What is nursing home negligence and abuse and is it very common?
    Elder care facilities and nursing homes have a responsibility to provide their senior tenants the proper care necessary to uphold the nursing home tenants "physical safety and mental care. Over time as senior tenants get older their physical and mental state will deteriorate more and more but this doesn't lessen the responsibility that the nursing home facility has to provide the elderly care necessary to maintain their tenants optimum safety and health. If your senior loved ones nursing home facility fails to meet this criteria it is advised that you contact an experienced attorney that specializes in nursing home abuse and negligence. Case Study on Nursing Home Abuse: Elderly Abused at 1 in 3 Nursing Homes: Click here for the ABC News Report

    Nursing home negligence can come in many forms and some are more obvious than others such as a broken bone. And other instances of abuse and neglect are not as obvious such as a senior tenant gets dehydrated or unexpectedly begins losing weight. It is often hard to tell if neglect or abuse has taken place at a nursing home facility and quite often it takes an investigation by a highly skilled nursing home abuse lawyer to determine if abuse or neglect has taken place. There are signs of abuse that you need to look out for that can point towards abuse or neglect such as:

    Some obvious signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.:

    • - sudden or unexplained weight increase or decrease
    • - any bruising or bleeding
    • - unexplained hair loss
    • - bed sores, infections, wounds, scrapes, scratches or cuts
    • - burns and abrasions
    • - poor hygiene, soiling, the smell of feces and or urine
    • - stained, ripped or bloody bedding or clothing

    Some less obvious signs of abuse and neglect:

    • the resident becomes physically or emotionally withdrawn
    • listlessness of the resident or unresponsiveness
    • strange behaviors such as infantile
    • unusual financial transactions in their account
    • the residents personal items begin to disappear

    Nursing home neglect and abuse occurs when either through an action by the staff or an inaction, of certain basic duties and responsibilities that the facility and its staff has to provide physical and mental safety and to uphold the rights of nursing homes senior tenants. Senior nursing home residents can be abused in many different ways and the most common types include: physical abuse and neglect, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse.





    If I suspect my loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect what should I do?
    If your loved one shows signs of abuse or neglect or you suspect they have been abused or neglected you should contact an experienced nursing home neglect and abuse attorney such as the attorneys of White, Graham, Buckley and Carr. Our attorneys have a tremendous amount of experience with investigating and litigating nursing home abuse cases and we can help you with where to go, what to do and say in order to help determine if nursing home abuse or neglect has taken place. In many cases the attorneys will advise you to report your suspicions about abuse or neglect to the nursing home administrator as soon as you suspect it has occurred. When you suspect abuse of a senior loved one that's living in a nursing home you will want to also contact your state's Ombudsman's Office. These offices have officials that are in charge of investigating nursing home facilities when there has been allegations of abuse or neglect. Missouri Ombudsman's Office - Kansas Ombudsman's Office

    When you file a complaint with your states Ombudsman's Office it will automatically generate an investigation into the allegation of nursing home abuse at that specific facility. While the states investigators look into the complaint that was filed you need to be in contact with a nursing home abuse attorney for guidance on what to do as the investigation is underway. Many times the family of the senior residents do not get their questions and concerns answered adequately by the nursing home administrators and staff and an experienced attorney can get this accomplished. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney will know who to ask and exactly what questions to ask to get the answers that your family needs about your suspicions of abuse and neglect as well as perform their own investigation into what is taking place at the facility.




    If a senior loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect what can an attorney do to help?
    An attorney that has extensive experience in working with nursing home abuse cases day-in and day-out can get answers to your questions that may. These attorneys have years of specialized litigation and investigation experience in these cases and can extensively investigate any of your suspicions about the nursing home abuse or neglect of your loved one.

    Investigating and litigating these abuse and neglect cases usually involve complicated medical charts, an extensive amount of business records of the facility, medical history records and depositions of the witnesses and can be a very difficult process for an attorney that is not highly qualified to litigate these abuse cases. In many cases the staff of these nursing home facilities will attempt to be as difficult as possible and can even try and block any type of investigation into the nursing home facility. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney knows how to navigate these tricky situations to get the investigations done and who to talk to through out the process to get honest answers to any questions they need to ask the staff. This skill set can be invaluable in proving who's at fault in your loved ones abuse and neglect case.

    An experienced nursing home abuse attorney has been through the processes involved with acquiring the correct documents needed to prove fault, what witnesses need to be talked to, what questions to ask the witnesses and they are ready for all of the defense strategies and excuses the nursing home will have for the allegations of abuse and neglect.





    If I complain to the facility and staff about the abuse will my loved one become more abused or neglected?
    This is a common concern from clients that suspect their loved one has been subjected to abuse or neglect but it is always advised that you file your complaints with the nursing home administrator. When you bring your concerns forward with the administrator make sure you voice your concerns about this causing a retaliatory action to your loved one. It is a good idea also to directly ask the administrator for your states Ombudsman's Office's information and phone number. Filing a complaint with the Ombudsman's Office will create some focus on your loved on and their circumstances could improve. But unfortunately many times in these cases the abuse and neglect does continue after complaints are filed but not generally due to a retaliation by the staff or administrator.




    How much money will it cost me to bring forward a nursing home case?
    The attorneys of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr. LLC. take on nursing home abuse cases on a contingency basis. A contingency based agreement means that we only get paid if you win your case and you do not have to pay any up front out of pocket fees. If your case of nursing home abuse and neglect goes to trial and you do not win our law firm will handle all of the fees associated with your trial and you will pay nothing.

    White, Graham, Buckley & Carr. LLC will cover all of the up front cost that is needed to file your abuse and neglect lawsuit and to litigate the case start to finish. After the lawsuit has been settled the costs associated with litigating the case will be subtracted from the gross amount of the lawsuit settlement. The net amount then will be paid to our client and the law firm per the agreed upon percentages (minus any other debts or liens associated with the case.) The contingency fee agreement will be detailed in the attorney client contract once we take on your case.




    When filing a lawsuit against a nursing home for abuse or neglect how long do I have to bring it forward?
    The statute of limitations to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit in the states of Missouri and Kansas is two (2) years from the date the injury, abuse or neglect had occurred. This means that you have to file the lawsuit within two years after the date of the abuse or neglect and if it is over the two year mark the plaintiff can not bring forward a case of abuse or neglect relating to this certain occurrence. Contacting an experienced nursing home abuse attorney as early as possible is very important to allow the lawyers enough time to investigate the case and bring the lawsuit forward.




    Does this law firm offer a free consultation?
    With all injury, abuse or neglect cases the law firm of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr LLC offers a free consultation so that you can get some of your questions answered and we can get a personal one on one understanding of your case.




    What is the best way to find a great nursing home for my senior loved one?

    When you are looking into finding a great nursing home for your senior loved one a great place to start is the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) web site for your particular state. - Missouri DHSS - Kansas DHSS On these state web sites you will find nursing home facility report cards that have a 5 star ranking system for every nursing home in your state. These DHSS report cards for each nursing home is tallied from yearly surveys that are performed at each of these facilities.

    Use the internet and search for the nursing homes name and look for any news articles or reviews to shed any light on any positive or negative feedback from past or current clients of the facilities. A good step to take next would be to go to the nursing home web site that you are considering and read as much as you can about the nursing home. Then you should go to the nursing home to see it in person and try to meet with the administrator if they are available. Ask the administrator about the staff turnover rates and the staffing levels and make sure to look around good while you are there to get a good look and feel of the facility.

    Keep these things in mind when you are viewing these nursing home facilities:

    • When the staff interacts with the residents are they polite and respectful?
    • Talk with the residents of the facilities and their families to see if they are happy or satisfied with the care they provide.
    • Do the facilities residents seem to be cared for properly?
    • Is the facility clean and does it seem to be maintained?
    • Are the residents active?
    • Talk with the staff and ask them if they like the facility and if they enjoy their job?
    • The more questions you ask and the more time you spend in the facility and around the staff will give you a far better feel for if the facility is a perfect fit for your loved one.





    What is a bedsore and how do they develop?

    Bedsores are skin sores that form from not moving or not being moved frequently enough by the nursing home staff. These sores usually form in areas of the body where the bone is close to skin like the shoulder blades, elbows, hips and heels when these areas are under the pressure of the body for a prolonged period of time. Bedsores can for deep infections into the muscle of the body and can infect the internal organs of the individual.

    Bed sores can also develop from other factors such as:

    • - Skin becoming wet for a prolonged period of time due to diapers not being changed frequently enough and wet sheets
    • - The resident suffering from Malnutrition
    • - The resident becoming Dehydrated
    • - The residents lack of mobility
    • - The resident laying or sitting in one position for too long

    To prevent bedsores from forming the residents must have their position changed frequently by the staff. It is the nursing homes staff responsibility to turn and reposition the residents that cannot move well on their own every two hours in order to prevent skin bedsores from forming.

    Can bed sores cause death?

    • Bedsores do cause death in some severe cases. Many residents of nursing homes are bedridden and are completely dependent on the staff to provide proper care and to turn or reposition the senior residents on a time schedule. When nursing home staff does not follow the proper procedure of care, bedsores will form.


    If my senior loved one has passed away at a nursing home, can I file a lawsuit on their behalf?

    Yes. The majority of nursing home abuse and wrongful death cases our law firm litigates are brought forward from the families of their loved one that has passed away. If the loved one had a will the executor will be the one that files the action on behalf of the family members estate. The family will have to choose an administrator of the estate if the loved one did not have a will in place. The paper work can be handled through your states Surrogate's office and our attorneys can help you with this process.





    Does this law firm also work on assisted living facility abuse cases?
    The attorneys at White, Graham, Buckley & Carr LLC. are extensively experienced and well versed in both assisted living abuse and neglect cases and nursing home abuse and neglect cases. The state and federal laws that govern the required care at assisted living facilities is different than is required at a nursing home facility. Our attorneys represent the residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Kansas City, Mo and the surrounding cities.





    In what states and jurisdictions does this law firm practice injury law?
    The experienced nursing home abuse attorneys of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr LLC. practices in the following areas:

    • Kansas City, Mo
    • Independence, Mo
    • Lee's Summit, Mo
    • Belton, Mo
    • Raytown, Mo
    • Grain Valley, Mo
    • Liberty, Mo
    • Gladstone, Mo
    • Blue Springs , Mo
    • Raymore, Mo
    • Grandview, Mo
    • Oak Grove, Mo
    • Warrensburg, Mo
    • Kearney, Mo
    • Jackson County Missouri
    • Clay County Missouri
    • Smithville, Mo
    • Parkville, Mo
    • Riverside, Mo
    • Excelsior Springs , Mo
    • Platte City , Mo
    • Harrisonville, Mo
    • St. Joseph , Mo
    • Platte County Missouri




    How do I go about getting started with a filing a lawsuit?
    Contact the attorneys at White, Graham, Buckley & Carr LLC. to schedule a free consultation with a nursing home abuse attorney. Our attorneys will go over the process of getting a case started and take time to answer any questions and concerns you might have about your loved one and the abuse and neglect they may be facing.



    Experience In Nursing Home Abuse Cases Matters
    It's fairly easy to find an attorney will take on a personal injury or wrongful death case against a nursing home facility. However, only an experienced and qualified team of attorneys such as White, Graham, Buckley & Carr LLC. who have decades of experience in cases of nursing home abuse, personal injury, nursing home neglect, and wrongful death will give your loved one and family the justice and compensation that you are looking for. Call our law firm to schedule a free consultation. 816-373-9080.


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