Settlements and Verdicts

With more than 100 years of collective experience practicing law in Missouri and Kansas, the attorneys of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr, L.L.C. have amassed an impressive record of verdicts and settlements. Our firm provides compassionate, personable representation to families and individuals who come to us for help — and we are zealous advocates should the opposition prove unwilling to offer reasonable damages for your injuries. While we cannot guarantee similar results for every case, we do everything possible to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

New Settlemet:

$850,000 - Firm successfully negotiates a settlement for an Explosion Accident Victim: The attorneys of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr have accumulated an impressive victory for an individual hurt in a fire works explosion. 

Plaintiff, a 22 year old college student, sustained serious burns from a fireworks explosion on July 7, 2012.  Plaintiff was attending the party hosted by the Defendants at the request of her then boyfriend, who had been asked to help set off the fireworks display planned for that evening.   Defendant homeowners had hosted a 4th of July party on several other occasions and were the hosts of the party again in 2012.  They served food and alcohol to those in attendance and the party routinely featured a large fireworks display.   Documents produced by the Defendants indicated the Defendants purchased nearly Seven Thousand Dollars ($7,000.00) worth of fireworks for the fireworks show that evening.  

The Defendants had asked one of the homeowners’ brother and plaintiff’s boyfriend  to assist with the fireworks display.    Although Defendants claim they instructed the individuals assisting with the fireworks display to refrain from alcohol use, several of those in attendance testified that all of the individuals involved with setting off the fireworks that evening were drinking alcohol.   The homeowner testified he provided no instruction or training to his brother and those responsible for setting off the fireworks, but simply told them to “do as they had done it in the past.”  The brother recruited a few other friends who showed up that evening and began unwrapping all of the mortars and placing them all in one central box, which was located within ten feet of the table being used to shoot off the mortars.  The remaining fireworks were stored in a trailer attached to a truck owned by the Defendant, which was parked less than fifty (50) feet from the “display table.”

As they were preparing to set off the display, someone, whose identity was never confirmed, lit one of the large mortars, apparently to either start the display or let the party goers know the display was getting ready to begin.  This mortar experienced a “low burst” and exploded within 15 feet of the ground, sending embers and debris directly into the box of mortars.   This box then ignited a chain reaction, sending mortars into the trailer, which quickly exploded.

Plaintiff was standing on the ramp to this trailer and tried to escape the flames, but was caught in the ensuing fire.  She suffered burns to 17% of her body and was immediately transported to KU Medical Center Burn Unit for treatment of her burns.  She spent seventeen (17) days in the hospital and eventually was released with some scarring as a result of the treatment.  Plaintiff has made a strong recovery from these burns, but unfortunately did suffer permanent scarring on her left arm, neck and legs.  She has had some follow up care, but a majority of the medical expenses were incurred for her initial stay in the hospital.  The scars are not amenable to further treatment and therefore future medical care was not part of the settlement. 

Originally, the case was filed against only the homeowners of the property.  The homeowners filed third-party petitions against the brother and the other people recruited to set off the fireworks.  After several depositions, a mediation was held with all parties in attendance and the claims of plaintiff were resolved with all parties contributing to the total settlement of Eight Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($850,000.00).

Experts:   None disclosed

Settlement Amount:      $850,000.00


Commercial Litigation

  • $19 Million Verdicts - Car Dealership
    Our firm recently tried a case in Jackson County, Missouri that resulted in a $19.6 million judgment being entered for our client. We represented a local car dealer that claimed that his business reputation had been badly damaged by an ad campaign run by another dealer in town in 2007 and 2008. Our client was one of the top Suzuki new car dealers in the country before another dealer in town, who happened to be his brother, ran a series of deceptive ads that eventually led to an onslaught of lawsuits against the competing dealer. Our client sued the manufacturer, American Suzuki Motor Corporation for approving and paying for the ad campaign that also led to significant negative publicity. After 10 days of trial, the jury awarded our client $4 million in damages to his business and also awarded $15 million in punitive damages. The Court also added over $600,000.00 in prejudgment interest for a total Judgment in excess of $19.6 million.
  • $3.5 Million From 3 Verdicts in a Motorcycle Accident
    The attorneys of White, Graham, Buckley & Carr have accumulated impressive victories for individuals hurt in motorcycle crashes. Our firm recently tried several motorcycle accident cases that have led to multiple verdicts and settlements including a $1.875 million verdict, a $1 million dollar verdict, and a $750,000 arbitration award. First, our firm represented a motorcyclist traveling on Interstate 70 in a construction zone, where uneven pavement caused him to lose control and incur lung contusions, fractured ribs, a ruptured spleen, and a fractured shoulder. The case resulted in a $1.875 million verdict against the Missouri DOT and the private contractor doing the work. This verdict was described in Missouri Lawyers Weekly as one of the top plaintiff’s verdicts in Missouri for 2011. Secondly, our attorneys represented a Colorado motorcycle rider nearly killed by a semi-truck in a construction zone where unmarked, uneven pavement caused our client to lose control of his vehicle – resulting in a $1 million verdict. Finally, William L. Carr represented a Kansas City man that was hurt in a 2006 motorcycle accident due to unmarked and uneven lanes in a construction zone, which resulted in a $750,000 arbitration award against MODOT. Our firm has the resources to investigate these types of accidents and will get you the compensation that you deserve.

Auto accident Settlements and Verdicts

  • $1.875 million verdict - Motorcycle injury caused by a road construction
    Our firm represented a motorcyclists traveling on Interstate 70 in a construction zone. Uneven pavement in the construction zone caused our client to lose control and he was badly injured. He spent nearly a month in the hospital due to his injuries, which included lung contusions, fractured ribs, a ruptured spleen and a fractured shoulder. The case resulted in a $1.875 million verdict against the Missouri Department of Transportation and the private contractor doing the work. The verdict included a substantial award for punitive damages against the contractor because they had knowledge that several other wrecks had occurred at the same location.
  • $1 million verdict - Motorcycle injury caused by a road construction accident
    Reported in Missouri Lawyers Weekly as one of the top plaintiff's verdicts in Missouri for 2010, White, Graham, Buckley & Carr represented a Colorado motorcycle rider nearly killed by a semi-truck in a construction zone where unmarked, uneven pavement caused our client to lose control of his vehicle. Our plaintiff suffered from a severed tendon, a tibial plateau fracture, fractured ribs, several broken teeth and a concussion. He lost income and was forced to retire early from his job. We filed suit against the MODOT and the APAC, the contract company in charge of the construction job, for failure to correct dangerous road conditions they were aware of.
  • $850,000 additional settlement - School bus crash
    Our client was a security guard traveling in a school bus on I-35 when a driver crossed the center line and collided headfirst into the bus. Our client suffered multiple leg and hip fractures and exhausted all funds available through the other drivers' liability insurance and her own automobile insurance company. Our firm filed suit and successfully recovered $850,000 on her behalf.
  • Car crash, back injury — $178,000 total recovery: $133,000 verdict, $45,000 settlement
    After slamming on his brakes to prevent a collision with a phantom vehicle swerving into his lane, our client was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer in heavy traffic. He suffered a back injury and our firm filed suit on his behalf against both the tractor-trailer driver and client's uninsured motorist carrier as the phantom motorist was never identified. We negotiated a settlement with the tractor-trailer driver and went to trial against the uninsured motorist carrier. The jury awarded a $130,000 verdict.
  • Car accident, unoperated back injury — $156,200 verdict
    Our firm represented a 37-year-old woman rear-ended after slowing down on a highway to avoid fallen truck cargo. The plaintiff suffered a serious back injury, and the defendant claimed the plaintiff stopped suddenly but that the accident did not cause her injury. Our client was awarded damages after the case went to court.
  • Multiple car accident on I-70 resulting in Torn Rotator Cuff and Slap Tear.
    Our client was involved in a rear-end collision on I-70 as a result of a multi-car collision. He suffered a torn rotator cuff and SLAP tear in the shoulder requiring two surgeries. The case was settled for $300,000.
  • Multiple car accident on I-435 resulting in a partial Rotator Cuff Tear.
    Client’s vehicle was struck in the rear while stopped in traffic by another vehicle traveling in excess of 50 mph resulting in a Rotator Cuff Tear. Surgical repair was done with no residual complaints. The case settled for $100,000.
  • Uninsured motorist claim.
    Phantom vehicle traveling out of control caused client to lose control of her vehicle and crash into the median of I-70 resulting in multiple abdominal injuries. Uninsured motorist case settled for all available insurance coverage: $125,000.
  • Pedestrian injured while assistance disabled vehicle on road shoulder.
    Client stopped off the travel portion of the roadway to assist a disabled vehicle stopped on the shoulder. An oncoming vehicle lost control on wet pavement and skidded into the disabled vehicle which ran over client resulting in serious injuries. The case settled to $425,000.
  • Head On Collision. Settlement for $550,000.
    Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit head-on by a car turning left. Our client suffered a broken hip, fractured ribs, and a fracture of cervical vertebrae. She was hospitalized and went through extensive rehabilitation in a nursing home. The case was settled for $550,000.
  • Crash results in Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD. $450,000 settlement.
    Our client received injuries in a car accident and developed chronic regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy requiring extensive pain management treatment. The case was settled for $450,000.
  • Trucking Collision Yields $400,000 verdict for Clients
    William Carr and Robert Buckley of our firm recently won a $400,000 verdict in a Federal courtroom in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our clients were, two brothers, were injured when their vehicle was struck in the rear by a fully loaded tractor-trailer.  Although the damage to the vehicle was not severe, both brothers sustained injuries in the collision.  The older brother, the driver, had neck and back injuries and eventually underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a frayed labrum and repair an impingement in his shoulder.  The younger brother had neck and back injuries and treated conservatively with a chiropractor and physical therapist.  The trucking company vigorously defended the case and the case was tried to a jury in Federal Court.  The jury returned a total verdict of $400,000 for the two brothers. 

Medical malpractice Settlements and Verdicts

  • Gallbladder surgery results in post-op infection — confidential settlement
    A nicked bile duct during routine gallbladder surgery — and the surgeon's failure to repair it — caused bile to leak into our client's abdomen, resulting in a serious infection. Our client needed extensive surgery to clean his abdomen and suffered permanent liver damage due to the surgeon's actions. We reached a confidential settlement the morning the trial was set to begin.
  • Operating room fire — confidential settlement
    Out-patient facial surgery resulted in tragedy when the surgical drapes trapped supplement oxygen administered to the patient as part of the anesthesia. When the surgeon attempted to stop bleeding from the surgery using a cautery pencil, the instrument sparked a fire that ignited and caused 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns to the clients face. We reached a confidential settlement on behalf of the victim.
  • Stroke Misdiagnosis — confidential settlement.
    A radiologist failed to correctly read a CT Scan on two occasions nine months apart and our client suffered a stroke rendering her a quadriplegic. On both CT Scans, there was an infarct that was overlooked by the radiologist. When our client presented to the emergency room with dizziness and other stroke-like symptoms, the emergency room doctor relied on the erroneous report of the radiologist. We reached a confidential settlement on behalf of our client.
  • Deep Tissue/Pressure Wound — confidential settlement
    Our client was hospitalized for surgery and developed a deep tissue pressure wound that occurred as a result of failure to reposition our client. Our client developed a Stage 4 pressure wound, requiring surgery and extensive treatment. We reached a confidential settlement on behalf of our client.
  • Surgical Error during Hip Surgery — confidential settlement.
    Client was undergoing hip replacement surgery and the surgeon cut the femur in the wrong location requiring multiple corrective surgeries. The case was settled for a confidential amount.
  • Misdiagnosis of MRSA Infection causing infective endocarditis — confidential settlement.
    Client presented to his doctor’s office with an open sore on his arm. The doctor did not culture the wound and the client developed an infection in his heart requiring replacement of a heart valve. Confidential Settlement.
  • Failure to diagnose appendicial cancer - wrongful death.
    Client underwent surgery for lower abdominal pain and pathology read the tissue specimen as acute appendicitis. Seven years later client developed abdominal pain and biopsy revealed cancer of the bowel. Client died following aggressive cancer treatment. Pathology slides from his earlier appendix surgery were compared to more recent bowel biopsy and both showed the same cancer. If the original diagnosis had been correct, timely treatment would saved his life. Confidential Settlement.

Wrongful death Settlements and Verdicts

  • Contractor dies after a 50-foot fall at a power plant — $1.1 million verdict
    This wrongful death suit involved the untimely death of a pipefitter contractor who fell 50 feet and died from his injuries. Representing the worker's widow and children, White, Graham, Buckley & Carr proved a power plant employee had covered the boiler room floor hole with a simple piece of plywood without securing it or posting a proper warning.
  • Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer — $980,000 verdict
    Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer resulted when our client's primary physician did not order a biopsy even though she had a pronounced lump in her breast. When a biopsy was eventually taken, test results revealed the cancer had rapidly spread. Our client died and a jury in Jackson County awarded damages to the woman's survivors.
  • Misdiagnosed heart attack results in wrongful death — confidential settlement
    Our firm represented a widow whose husband suffered a fatal heart attack after reporting symptoms consistent with a heart attack to his family physician. Our client's husband sought medical assistance after having chest pain and several days of weakness, but his physician believed the man's symptoms were consistent with having an ulcer. The physician sent him home and scheduled an ultrasound of the abdomen several days later, but the man died of a ruptured ventricle, caused by a heart attack, before his appointment. The coroner determined the decedent had suffered the heart attack at or near the time he visited the physician's office. We filed suit on behalf of the widow and case settled for a confidential amount.
  • Fiery truck crash — confidential settlement
    Three individuals died in a fire that resulted from a nine-vehicle crash on 1-70 in Lafayette County, Missouri. White, Graham, Buckley & Carr represented the family of one of the victims, ultimately achieving a confidential settlement for the loss of their loved one.
  • Nursing home negligence results in patient’s death — confidential settlement
    A male patient with a bladder infection caused by an indwelling catheter died due to the nurses' negligence in his care. Although the patient had a high fever and complained of severe pains, the nurses did not reach out to the on-call doctor — they instead administered high doses of narcotics, causing the patient to pass away from dehydration and complications from the bladder infection. Our firm helped the patient's survivors receive compensation shortly before their claim was set to go to trial.
  • Intersection crash — confidential settlement
    A wrongful death case, our client and her husband were traveling home from their neighborhood pharmacy when their vehicle was struck by a Corvette traveling 75 mph in a 35 mph zone. Our client's husband died from complications from the collision three days after the crash. Our firm achieved a confidential settlement for the widow and her family.

Employment Discrimination

  • $6 Million Dollar settlement. Age Discrimination and Breach of Employment Contracts.
    The firm represented 36 former faculty members of the Metropolitan Community College. The plaintiffs alleged the college’s early retirement program discriminated against faculty members on the basis of their age by decreasing the payment available to the employees as they grew older. In addition, the program allowed early retirees to continue working on a limited basis while receiving “premium pay,” which was a percentage of their previous salary. However, in 2011, after faculty members accepted the early retirement program and premium pay option, the school eliminated premium pay, which was a decision that only affected workers older than age 55. The college paid the 36 plaintiffs a total of $6,000,000 to settle the case.
  • $950K settlement - School District, Phil Wright agree to $950K settlement January 2014
    Former Liberty Public Schools Superintendent Phil Wright will receive a $950,000 settlement stemming from his 2009 wrongful termination suit against the district as approved by the by the Board of Education during a special session Dec. 24. According to the settlement, Wright was to receive $700,000 from former district insurer Liberty Mutual, who represented the district in the case, by Dec. 31, 2013, and an additional $250,000 from the school district by Thursday, Jan. 2. A total of $408,333.34 of the insurer’s payment will be directed to Wright’s attorney fees. The board unanimously approved the settlement agreement. For more information see.
  • $57 million settlement - Williams v. Sprint, federal district court, Kansas, age discrimination, May 2007
    Between 2001 and 2003 thousands of employees were terminated from Sprint. At least 1700 employees pursued a collective action against Sprint for age discrimination. In May 2007 a settlement was reached for $57 million.
  • Helton v. Midwest Urology & Radiation Oncology, Inc., Federal District Court, Missouri, $31,012, in age discrimination case April 2008
    Plaintiff, a 49 year old woman, filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC when her employer decided that it would contribute $225 per month toward employee health insurance. This decision meant that older employees would be required to pay more for their health insurance than employees under age 40. The employer terminated Plaintiff within 30 days of learning that she had filed a charge of discrimination. The jury awarded Plaintiff $1,012.40 on her claim for age discrimination, $5000 in actual damages on her claim for retaliation, and $25,000 as punitive damages on her claim for retaliation.
  • Todd v. Whiskey Tango, Jackson County, $125,000 + $177,502 (fees) in sexual harassment and retaliation, September 2007
    Plaintiff was a young female working at Whiskey Tango as a waitress while attending college. During her six months of employment Plaintiff was subjected to offensive and sexually explicit language that was directed toward her and/or about females in general. Toward the end of her term of employment the owner of Whiskey Tango confronted Plaintiff alleging that she had spread rumors about him. He backed Plaintiff into a corner, yelling at her and cursing at her causing Plaintiff to be in fear of bodily harm. Plaintiff quit her job immediately thereafter.
  • Stanley v. Jerden Foods, Lafayette County, $12,108.18 + $63,054 (fees) in age discrimination case December 2006
    Plaintiff had worked as a meat department manager for 28 years. In November 2003 Plaintiff was hired as Defendant's Meat Department Manager. In February 2004 Plaintiff was told that the owner wanted to bring in a younger man and that Plaintiff would be demoted. Plaintiff was told that he could stay on as first cutter. During that conversation the store manager asked Plaintiff how old he was and stated that Plaintiff should think about retiring. Plaintiff stated that he would look for another job. A few days later Plaintiff was again asked about his retirement plans. Plaintiff responded that he could not afford to retire. The store manager stated that he wished Plaintiff would go home and discuss the issue with his wife. Plaintiff was terminated just a few days later.
  • Crumpacker v. Kansas Department of Human Resources, Federal District Court, Kansas, $200,000 verdict, gender discrimination and retaliation, June 2004
    Plaintiff served as a Director for the Kansas Department of Human Resources from August 1996 to September 1998 when she was fired. The director to whom Plaintiff reported, as well as male colleagues and/or superiors, used derogatory terms to refer to Plaintiff and placed only criticisms in her file. Plaintiff complained that one of the male superiors had violated the KDHR's EEO policies against sexual harassment and discrimination. After reporting the violation of policy Plaintiff was ostracized and her male peers would not speak to her. Plaintiff then submitted a written complaint to her director reporting the ongoing discrimination and retaliation. The director took no action in response to Plaintiff's complaint. Instead, Plaintiff was terminated just 15 days after her complaint.
  • Lee v. Consolidated Freightways, Federal District Court, Western District of Missouri, $1.5 million race discrimination March 2002
    Plaintiff, an African American, worked for defendant as a mechanic. During his employment he was subjected to the use of the "n" word and other offensive and derogatory racial epithets. Plaintiff complained to management. While no actions were taken to address the racial discrimination, Plaintiff's co-workers then retaliated against Plaintiff by referring to him as "rat," "snake" and placing a confederate flag and lighter in his work locker. Plaintiff did not miss any work and had no claim for lost wages.
  • Guerrero v. Consolidated Freightways, Federal District Court, Western District of Missouri, $500,000 race discrimination August 2002
    Plaintiff, a Hispanic individual, worked for defendant as a mechanic. During his employment he was subjected to constant racial discrimination primarily in the form of racial epithets and name-calling. On one event, however, Plaintiff was locked in the back of a trailer while co-workers threw human feces into the trailer and then drove it around the lot for at least twenty minutes. Plaintiff did not miss any work and had no claim for lost wages.
  • Confidential Settlement. An African American man was passed over for several positions/promotions for which he was qualified and had the requisite experience. Rather than placing Plaintiff in the positions, one positions was filled by a Caucasian woman and another position was left vacant. Plaintiff was later terminated through a reduction in force.
  • Sexual Harassment / Gender Discrimination / Retaliation Suit.
    Confidential Settlement. A female employee was hired to work at one of the MoDOT maintenance “sheds.” Plaintiff was one of very few women working on the road crew. She was subjected to sexual harassment in the form of sexually offensive and unwelcome comments. She was also subjected to gender discrimination by being ostracized and subjected to comments that she was incompetent and questions by the male employees as to whose turn it would be to watch her on a particular day. When she reported the incidents of sexual harassment and gender discrimination she was subjected to retaliation in the form of threats and being called derogatory names. She was asked what she expected when working with men. After an investigation into the complaints a few male employees were subjected to discipline. The female employee was also disciplined for failing to report the incidents sooner. After the discipline the retaliation by male employees and supervisors intensified. The female employee was forced to flag during road work for hours without restroom breaks, even after repeated requests. She reported this retaliation and an investigation followed. The results of the investigation were that she had failed to properly request the break, ask the correct people for a break, or ask frequently enough for a break. She was ultimately constructively terminated after no remedial action was taken in response to her complaints of retaliation and continued discrimination and harassment.
  • Age Discrimination Lawsuit.
    Confidential Settlement. A male employee with 30 years tenure was terminated and replaced by a younger individual. The employee had been told some months prior that he would have been considered for a promotion if he weren't’t so old. The employee was told that he was the last, that he was going to retire. When he questioned that decision he was told that the company needed someone in the position that could be with the company another 10-15 years.
  • Confidential Settlement. Three female managers that were either pregnant or had taken time off for pregnancy were terminated for alleged misconduct while other managers who were not pregnant and had not taken time off related to pregnancy were not terminated for the same conduct.
  • Race Discrimination / Retaliation Lawsuit.
    Confidential Settlement. A Caucasian male was subjected to race discrimination in the workplace in the form of derogatory racial slurs. When the employee complained, he was subjected to retaliation by managers. Managers began to criticize his work. The employee was ultimately terminated some months after his complaint.
  • Confidential settlement. A female employee was terminated from employment and her male superior was demoted and placed in her position. No reason was given for Plaintiff's termination other than the employer desired to place the male in her position.
  • Sexual Harassment / Retaliation Lawsuit.
    Confidential Settlement. A female employee of a convenience store / gas station was subjected to sexual harassment by both customers and other employees. The employer began to reduce the employee’s hours when she continued to report incidents of sexual harassment. The employee was forced to resign when the employer would address the complaints of sexual harassment.
  • Confidential settlement. A female factory worker was subjected to offensive sexual harassment in the workplace including crude and sexually explicit drawings, pornographic tapes left in the work area, and an incident where a male co-worker exposed his backside to Plaintiff. Plaintiff reported the incidents and the male co-worker was terminated. The remaining male co-workers retaliated against Plaintiff by destroying personal property, messing with settings on machines, and ostracizing her.
  • Confidential settlement. A female employee complained that she was discriminated against by receiving less pay for the same duties as the male employees and by being subjected to greater scrutiny with respect to her work hours, breaks and lunch periods. No remedial action was taken in response to Plaintiff's complaints, instead Plaintiff was subjected to retaliated against. Plaintiff then reported the ongoing discrimination and retaliation. Defendant's controller told Plaintiff that Defendant would not accept any further complaints and asked her why she wouldn't just let it go and keep her job.
  • Gender Discrimination / Age Discrimination / Retaliation Settlement.
    Confidential Settlement. A female employee of a car dealership was demoted and replaced by a younger male. After she was demoted she was required to train the younger male and to assist him in his duties. The employee was ultimately forced to resign to escape the discriminatory environment.
  • Confidential settlement.
    Plaintiff filed suit for age discrimination when he was terminated and a younger male was retained in his position. An older male employee in the same position was also terminated at another location while the younger male employee was retained.
  • Gender Discrimination / Age discrimination / Disability Discrimination / Retaliation Settlement.
    Confidential Settlement. A female supervisor in a factory / assembly line was denied an increase in pay while several male employees holding the same title or position were given raises. The female supervisor had been subjected to derogatory and discriminatory comments about her absences from work that were related to breast cancer treatment.
  • Sexual Harassment / Retaliation Lawsuit.
    Confidential Settlement. Three female employees of a bar were subjected to sexual harassment by the assistant manager. When they complained of sexual harassment to the general manager their hours were reduced, they were written up and disciplined. Employees that did not complain of sexual harassment were not disciplined for the same or similar conduct.
  • Age Discrimination lawsuit.
    Confidential Settlement. A female department manager of a grocery store chain was demoted shortly after a new manager was transferred to the store. The new manager and his assistant managers made comments to the employee that they had expected her to look older based on her age, that they had expected her to have gray hair. The manager referred to her as “elderly.” The employee was written up for performance issues and ultimately terminated for “misconduct.” Several other department managers had been demoted or terminated and replaced by younger individuals.
  • Confidential settlement. Plaintiff sued his employer for failure to accommodate his disability. A confidential settlement was obtained that provided for modifications to the building as well as a confidential monetary settlement.
  • Gender Discrimination Settlement.
    Confidential Settlement. A female superintendent was subjected to gender discrimination by the board. Despite her positive impact on the district, she was placed on an indefinite administrative suspension and replaced by an interim superintendent who was male. The superintendent was never returned to her position. The position was ultimately filled by a male.
  • Age Discrimination Lawsuit.
    Confidential Settlement. Two male managers of a restaurant chain were terminated and replaced by younger individuals. The progressive discipline policy was not followed. Younger managers that engaged in similar conduct were not terminated.

Other verdicts and settlements

  • Assault in mall parking lot— $1.2 million verdict
    Our client was an elderly grandmother attacked in the mall parking lot one evening while on her way to finish Christmas shopping. Our plaintiff was hospitalized for several weeks, suffering from blurred vision and permanent memory loss. We filed a premises liability suit against the shopping mall for negligent security, and the plaintiff received a substantial verdict for tangible and intangible losses.
  • Firefighter became seriously ill from food poisoning — $605,000.00 verdict
    Our firm represented a 32 year old firefighter who became seriously ill from food poisoning after dining at a Japanese steakhouse in Independence, Missouri. He eventually had to be hospitalized due to serious chest infections that developed after bacteria entered his chest cavity because of a microtear in his esophagus, which was caused by the vomiting from the food poisoning. The case was tried to a jury and the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client in the amount of $605,000.00.
  • Inverse condemnation and sewer backups — $308,208.21 verdict
    Our firm represented a Raytown, Missouri apartment complex owner after the complex suffered multiple sewer backups over a five-year period. These backups damaged several units, requiring extensive cleanup, residential relocation and loss of income. Our plaintiff complained to the city, whose representatives disavowed responsibility. Extensive discovery revealed the city's sewer system had multiple problems. We took the case to trial and the jury awarded all damages requested by the client.
  • Horseback riding accident — $300,000 verdict
    Our plaintiff suffered a T-9 burst fracture after being thrown by his horse at a trail riding facility near Lake of the Ozarks. He and his wife had previously reported riderless horses to the facility's owners and were assured they would be "taken care of." The next day, the same riderless horse bit and spooked the plaintiff's horse, causing him to jump sideways. The plaintiff was unable to work for six months. We filed suit against the facility and helped our client receive damages for medical costs and lost wages.
  • Fall from flatbed trailer — confidential settlement
    While unloading industrial material from a pallet on a flatbed trailer, our client was forced off the back of the truck by the actions of a warehouse employee using an overhead crane. Our client landed on the building's concrete floor, shattering both elbows and permanently losing the ability to use his arms and hands. We reached a confidential settlement with the defendant.
  • Daycare Personal Injury Suit.
    Confidential Settlement: A child sustained injury in the form of bruising while in daycare. Investigation revealed that the daycare employee had used disciplinary techniques that were inappropriate for the child’s age resulting in bruising and emotional distress to the child.

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